About Us.


Our Business. Our Process. Our Team.


From the inception of BadgerFox, we had a collective vision to provide exceptional service in a dynamic industry, allowing our clients to be involved in a memorable experience without any compromise. As a group, the founders laid the core foundations for BadgerFox’s business divisions:

Residential & Commercial Sales | Site Acquisitions & Project Marketing | Property Management


Known for uncompromised quality in our marketing, we work hard to ensure each of our properties stand out from the competition. No property or client’s needs are identical – our consistent objective is to tailor our service and strategy to the individual requirement of the client.


Standing out from the competition comes naturally to all who represent BadgerFox. Hiring strictly on culture and protection of brand image, all members exude attributes the founders envisaged at inception – all team members are hard-working, strong willed and reliable, yet also agile, resourceful, and intelligent. It is tried and tested through our results that when these skills are united, it is a consistent winning formula.

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